Kai Carpenter

Holy shit, these are fantastic.

Kai Carpenter’s a colour genius. Did you know these are all gouache?

I fell back into my Vocaloid phase harder than ever, and it’s awesome!
I’ve been doodling them so much lately aha ha ha„,

im kinda fond of this doodle =v=


Different states for new scenes. Current work


concept art - the prince of egypt, 1998, dreamworks animation


Making of Hideaki Anno’s magnum Opus,  Rebuild of Evangelion 3.33 YOU CAN (NOT) REDO. A compilation progression rough-to-final-process video showcasing the beginning stages and final compositing of one of the greatest displays of production planning/animation to date (2D/CGI animation usage). 

Anno’s Studio Khara is part of why I will always want to do 2D animation.


Friendly reminder that this was all drawn by hand. And it is fabulous.

- Since people are not sure, this manga is called Otoyomegatari, or A Bride’s Story and it is by Kaoru Mori. It is a Seinen historical work, that is stunningly drawn, and beautifully researched. This same author also drew and wrote Victorian Romance Emma, another amazing, historic series and my personal favorite of her works.

All works by this author are great to read.